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How To Register -

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To register:
a) Send the board Admin an e-mail at ...

Subject: Registration The Soap Scent Review Board

Include your requested user name and your e-mail address.
b) I will complete your registration.
c) You will receive 1 e-mail with review information to the site and asking for information on the type of soaper you are, etc.
Please read the Welcome Letter carefully -AND- return the requested information by e-mail. Failure to return the information within 7 days will result in termination of your registration.
d) When I receive the information requested, I will send you a temporary password. You may now sign-in.
e) Proceed to the User Control Panel and change the temp password to a private password.
f) Start writing reviews!
g) You have 7 days to sign-in to complete the registration process before the software deletes your membership as status: abandoned.

Free Email Accounts are NOT ACCEPTED during registration. (i.e. Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Live, t-mail, AOL etc. etc.).

Please use your paid ISP e-mail addy.
ISP addy:,, AT&T, Verizon,,,,,, etc.
Your paid Internet Service Provider e-mail. Registration requests that do not meet the above criterion will be discarded.

Following receipt of your "Welcome Aboard" e-mail:
a) Sign-in to the board. Your membership is automatically deleted within 7 days if you don't sign-in to activate it.
b) Proceed to the User Control Panel. Choose a new private password.
c) Read other reviews AND write your own. Participation is expected.

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