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Don't forget to include in your review .....

Posted: Sun Dec 05, 2004 9:14 pm
by Lilli
What type of product did you use the fragrance oil in ?

Soap :CP, CPOP, HP, M&P, RTCP, etc.,
Bath & Body : Shower Gel, Lotions,
Other : Candles etc., Room & Linen sprays.

Water :
If you use the full water recommendation from MMS or if you discount.
If you are using a particular solution rate, pls mention the rate.
lye weight x 2.1 water weight = 32% solution rate
lye weight x 2.0 water weight = 33% solution rate
lye weight x 1.5 water weight = 40% solution rate

Fragrance/Essential Oil Usage Rate
What %, how many ounces/grams per pound of base oils (PPO) did you use in your recipe ?
Did you add the fragrance alone or was it part of a blend in your batch ?

Soap Details :
Are you using an all veggie recipe ? Tallow &/or lard ?
What temps are you using to blend oils/lye water ?
Did you add botanicals, clays, Sodium Lactate (SL), Coconut Milk (CM)
or anything extra to the batch ?
Did you color the batch ?
Did your batch go through the gel stage ?
Any and all information of your technique is helpful.

*New Additional Details*
Batch Size Details :
Size does matter *grin*
Some fragrances do very well in smaller sized batches and then misbehave in larger ones.
Please mention the size of your batch. (oil weight in grams/oz)

Results :
Did you add the fragrance at trace or upfront into the base oils ?
Any acceleration of trace ? Ricing ? Or well behaved in your recipe ?
Does the fragrance over-heat the soap in the mold ?
Any clouding or thinning/thickening of bath gel or other products ?
Any discoloration in your product ?
Does the fragrance fade or last for a reasonable length of time ?
Your overall impression of the fragrance oil.

Posted: Sat Jul 15, 2006 11:06 pm
by Lilli
Bump for new details in "What To Include When Writing A Review".
Please review all the details above.

Thank You